This howto assumes that you have icecapd configured correctly and that you have icecapd in your PATH! If you add your PATH to icecapd in your ~/.{profile,bashrc,whatever} it won't find it anyway. If this is the case, use an exact path.


  1. Install irssi2 on home.
  2. Start irssi2 on home and quit it by using ^C (to get ~/.irssi2/config created).
  3. Edit your ~/.irssi2/config on home.

    user your_username_on_$remote
    transport ssh
    host the_hostname_or_ip_address_of_$remote
    ssh_command /usr/bin/ssh %h -l %u -p %p /your/exact/path/to/icecapd

    Remember to use an exact PATH to icecapd UNLESS you have it in a global PATH.

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