spinetd is a simple inetd-like application. (See http://www.linuxco.de/spinetd/ for original page) Attached here is a modified version. It has optional arguments, more errorchecking, sane defaults, forking to the background, fewer bugs, etcetera. ;)

Its syntax is:

It works great for people who cannot (or will not) run inetd / xinetd and configure it for irssi2. (E.g. limited users on a system (nonadmins))

  1. Download and extract the attached file (spinetd-fork-v1.tgz). (Click "More actions:" and "Attachments" to find it)

  2. Run a 'make'.
  3. ./spinetd 1027 /path/to/irssi2/binary

Tada! Simple as pie! :D

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