SILC module for Icecap

Current code does not compile against latest Icecap, nor SILC Toolkit. I haven't updated it in a while.


Information about what is SILC can be found at This page describes the SILC module for Icecap. The module is still a work in progress (as is Icecap itself), and the most current SVN checkout will not necessarily work at all times. Anyone is welcome to FreeNode/#icecap, or SILCNet/icecap channels (although the latter is just a testing ground, with not much action happening, other than test clients joining or parting).


The module should now be usable for day-to-day communication on SILC. Currently implemented features:

NOTE: Any of these might not work, due to changes in Icecap protocol, and me not updating SILC module. Just so you know. :)

Known bugs

Unknown bugs

Please report bugs either on IRC (see GetInvolved page), via email (andrej at kacian dot sk), or by adding a list item right below this paragraph.

Where to get it?

You can retrieve current snapshot from repository:

svn co icecap_silc

You need to have silc-toolkit installed, minimal supported version is 0.9.13, but you really should use 1.0 or later. Get it from SILC website.

NOTE: You will need to have Icecap installed with --with-include-install-dir configure option, because the module uses its header files. The default location is PREFIX/include/icecap, which should be suitable for any Linux.

How to install?

Icecap_silc uses autotools - I am building it using automake-1.9.x and autoconf-2.5x.

cd icecap_silc

NOTE: If you installed Icecap with any other prefix or include-install-dir than default (PREFIX/include/icecap), you will need to use the same --prefix=... and --with-icecap-include=... option and supply correct locations, for example:

./configure --prefix=/home/ticho/local --with-icecap-include=/home/ticho/local/include/icecap

If the compilation went fine, you can do make install (as root) and the module will be installed to correct place, where Icecap will load it when starting.

How to use it?

Some basic instructions are in README found in the repository. I will probably transcribe those here, and hopefully add more.

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