But wait youtube will review your account, your no.of videos uploaded and how often you submit videos before accepting you as a partner. What makes this easy to do, is choosing a topic that you enjoy! Free youtube views Booster. and showing advertisements on your web site. Thus the subscribers of that channel will see the feed and they'll probably take a look at your video. Are you looking to make direct money, or are you looking to use your video to promote engagement? Usually ranking locally for a keyword is much easier, and that is why this method works best with local businesses. If and when this occurs, it should be much easier to bring visitors to your uploads. Nevertheless this is where most folks get started out online. youtube blaster updated 2013. Companies are seeking publicity material every day, and if they find their work on the product and the ad you want to do, you pay money to use the video. Yes, but youtube is not a full time job for me. It doesn't matter what kind of business, it could be a restaurant, car repair shop, hair salon, bar, thrift store or whatever. This will also help you to generate huge traffic flow to your website. You can also use this tool to enhance your video (if you were able to shoot video) and make it more professional. A good video is only great for a single viewer to respond or engage. Ask your friends to share your page on social networking sites. The ads can lead to large gains, but the question is, how to do this to win a share of revenues. The good thing is that no matter how many different products you can promote, all your earnings will go straight into the same account, ready to be paid to you once you hit your payment threshold. Instead, after uploading your video, you need to go to the homepage of the site, and register to become a partner under programs. In order to join the program you need to have at least one video approved for monetisation, and so, providing your video was acceptable then everything should proceed easily. Are you going to make it a personal video blog (vlog)? Few people embarking on the road to internet wealth ever achieve it. Some have even passed the point of making a million dollars from youtube.

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