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The BMI index uses a person weight and height to determine their overall health percentile ranking. It just more com to see life insurance corporation an overweight patient with health programs than an underweight. lic plan

Today we understand that obesity can be linked to heart, liver and many bring upon the onset of other diseases such as Diabetes. No person likes to think about the time when he or she will need life cover. There are various lic agents pitfalls to try and avoid when life insurance license massachusetts searching for. You BMI can also effect whether or not you qualify for health and/or life insurance. You need to invest in adequate life insurance as it is the responsible thing lic ageny chandigarh to do if you have a family lic plans that is dependent on you. They don't realize how important this index is to their overall health.

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During that time your savings bank life insurance body mass wasn't reid to the number of diseases it is today. The BMI calculator is not a diagnostic tool, lic chandigarh but a marmaduke on a person's morbidity and/or mortality risk.

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The BMI index was created between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian polymath Cecil Quetelet. They were in the process of developing "social physics" when they realized what they had developed was a way to calculate body mass. By using a BMI calculator they can measure a person overall body weight and fat density. From a health practitioner's point of view, your BMI is something you want to work with your doctor to keep under control.

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