DragonVale is a simulation video game created by Backflip Studios for the iOS platform. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Here are some cheats and guides about DragonVale.

All the cheats you gotta know

Here they are below. The dragons:
Fire+Air - Air dragon
Fire+Life - Flower Dragon
Cold+Life - Lichen Dragon
Lichen+Cold - Might be Bloom Dragon
Storm+Plant - Might be Bloom (Very slight chance of Moon or Sun, so I heard)
Fire+Air - Blazing Dragon
Flower+Cold - Might be Bluefire
Metal+fire - Brass Dragon (Availible Level 17)
Plant+Lightning - Cactus Dragon
Metal+Air - Chrome Dragon
Lightning+Earth - Crystal Dragon
Plant+Earth - Tree Dragon
Earth+Lightning - Quake Dragon
New update bloom dragon

It is plant cold and lightning type, breed this with a panlong dragon to raise ur chances of getting a rainbow or leap year dragon.
plant and storm - might come out with bloom dragon
lichen and lightning - might come out with bloom dragon
Getting gems with your dragons and eggs

Babysitting your dragons is a way to earn you some cash that you can in turn use to purchase germs. You can also place your dragons on sale so as to earn gems from them especially when they are from the rarer breeds such as the rainbow dragon.
The ways that You can get Gems

You may not earn much from making friends and visiting their parks but what you will earn will be worth much more than nothing. Once every day there will be small party hats on your friends island when you visit their park and by touching the party hats, you will be able to get some rewards though the amount of money to be received depends on the size of your park at the time of your visit.
Gems and Transactions

Sometimes, you can use your germs to buy rare dragons and eggs. For instance, a rainbow dragon is worth 2500 gems while a fog dragon is worth 1,000 gems. Germs can also be used to purchase essentials in the market.
Speed up the game

Sometimes, without enough money and gems, the game can become slow. Gems play an instrumental role in speeding up the hatching time of eggs, the growth of dragons and even the purchase of other islands for expansion purposes.
For Tending the Park

Your park is a floating island that has bushes, trees and rocks. Gems are useful for clearing bushes, making nurseries and breeding places in this island. Remember that the larger the bushes, trees and rocks, the more gems they will need so as to remove them.
How to breed moon dragon

Place sonic dragon level 10 on left side and storm dragon level 10 on right side in breeding cave. Must be done at 6:30-6:42 am eastern time, will get 48 hour time.
How to breed a lava dragon

You have to breed a fire dragon with a earth dragon and there you go your very own lava dragon.
How to breed a Seaweed Dragon

Breed/Buy a Marsh dragon Buy a Water dragon Feed until both are juvinile Breed the two, probably put Marsh on the plant side (check in market, see the little flags) And obviously, the water on the water side. CHECK: the turnout egg should be green and blue Striped. If not, it's probably another marsh dragon.
Our own DragonVale Breeding Guideline is the most total guide throughout the online, collected together by our great neighborhood (>50. 000 users). We all also offer some sort of Dragon Mating Sandbox where you stand able to test the following tips you see on this e-book. Typically the ebook also provides the good DragonVale Eggs Graph.
Not necessarily that must be particularly nearly impossible to find the particular combinations to produce mixed-style models. Nearly one are usually eventually available for purchase from the game's Market, and the mix of dragons to breed is in plain english detailed. Although there's an element of randomness for the final results, and hybrids take their time period before hatching. Decades uncommon intended for hybrid eggs to be bred throughout a dozen hours or maybe more, and after that the ova take that long again to help hatch. The actual impatient can purchase gems or get them from friends to speed up the process, nevertheless it defintely won't be low-priced.
DragonVale is surely an increadibly enjoyment game nevertheless it is often very really hard to have the really rare dragons. That ebook will allow you to using a wide range of hard assignments.
I do believe at this stage really safe to express that Backflip Studios features embraced the free-to-play market place. From acclaimed Military of Darkness Safeguard [Free] in order to iOS classic Pieces of paper Toss [Free or HD], many of its titles have gone free of charge and are right now supported by adverts or premium currency possibilities. DragonVale [Free] is actually something a bit different, however. It can built from the beginning as much as compete in the packed freemium marketplace which have you controlling zoos, furry friend stores, eating places or, in such a case, dragon leisure areas.
This site depends upon DragonVale Mating and also without jailbreak dragonvale. DragonVale can be an increadibly enjoyment game but it really can be so difficult to achieve the really hard to find dragons.
Rainbow Dragon can often be raised within the last few degree and its ingredients remain unfamiliar. However , it can be a unusual type of monster that often takes time to develop and a lot of people have often tried to obtain without much success. If you were to obtain a rainbow dragon, that will cost an amazing 2500 other jewels!
Still if you want to particular breed of dog your, which will takes 48 hours to ceiling door, and that is certainly two days in a strip! Nonetheless if lucky to acquire a rainbow dragon, which usually sell to have an enormous amount of Dragoncash.
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