Comparing Icecap to other protocols

Icecap is primarily a protocol for implementing a client-server architecture IRC/IM client. As far as I know, there doesn't exist any other protocol with the same goal.

Partially overlapping functionality is provided by:

All of these primarily just want to group several instant messaging protocols together and let clients access them in a unified way. Their idea is that instead of clients having to support 10 different IM protocols, they can just support one. The clients however still have to implement all the other functionality themselves.

Although Icecap also provides the same IM protocol unification, it also offers (or will offer) many other things:

IRC protocol is also converted into something that's much more easily manageable:


Since Icecap is primarily a client implementation protocol, support for non-IRC protocols could just as well be implemented by supporting one or more of the IM-grouping-protocols.

I've been thinking about making XMPP the primary protocol for Icecap servers to talk to each others.

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