Ratchet on Windows

Now to be honest, win32 support is not something I'm particularly interested in, it works most of the time but I'm not terribly driven to make it perfect.

To run on windows, you'll need to install Ruby and Ruby-GTK2. If you can't get that working, quit now while you're ahead.

Next you need to install SCW, I have binaries here for scw 0.4.2. Nobody really knows how they should be installed though, so get creative.

Now, because of various reasons, the *only* reliable connection method on win32 is the inetd method, so set up icecap on some box and read the inetd howto. you could also set up a ssh tunnel and connect to icecap that way using the inetd method.

Then, if you haven't already gotten it, get Ratchet. Then, using the wonderful windows cmd shell, cd to the place ratchet is, and run ruby ratchet.rb. It should work, you should be happy and the world should spin on joyously through the void. If you have problems, you can ask me, but don't expect miracles ;).

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