Icegap is a Gnome/GTK+ Icecap client. It utilizes gtkmm, libglademm and libgconf (not gconfmm, seems broken). It also uses the inhouse libicpp, which is a C++ library for common tasks like transports (currently only TCP), parsing and constructing protocol messages, keeping a state, etc.

It has only been tested (and compiled) on my Ubuntu Feisty laptop. Anyone who tests it anywhere else; PLEASE let me know.

You can reach me on #icecap/Freenode as jorgenpt. :)

You can find the source-code here, and I've applied for a project that I'll most likely use to host most the data as the project gets more usable.

A project has been created, you can find it at


First, you need a few deps. AFAIK, you need these libraries and their development headers:

Now, if you check out icegap and libicpp from SVN, install libicpp (./configure && sudo make install), then you *SHOULD* be able to simply compile icegap using make, but you'll need a distribution that ships pkg-config. :-)

Let me know how it goes!


You can find various screenshots here


Working features:

Halfworking features:

Wishlist / TODO

Here anyone can add entries for features they want or that they plan on implementing themselves.



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